Resisting Temptation

Are you tempted to follow the Summit on Clergy Abuse at the Vatican this week ? I will not be following it, and will turn off all media until it is over.

The problem of clergy abuse is two-fold . Firstly, we have all forgotten, that the human heart ( everyone’s heart) is devious.

Jeremiah 17:9 reminds us of this.

Secondly, we should never trust any mortal being completely. Isaiah 2:22 and other verses point this out clearly.

God is a personal , loving God, who desires, through Jesus,to develop a personal relationship with each of us. As a Protestant, I was made aware of this all the time. As a Catholic, I did not hear about this during Masses. The Catholic Church needs to stress this. This is the basis of Christianity. I place all my trust in Jesus, our great High Priest.

Come, Holy Spirit, cleanse the Church !

Unite all believers, and give us strength to move forward !

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