Is Mary Your Mother ?

I had only ever heard about her at Christmas. Baptists and other Christian denominations mention her then, telling how she was led to Bethlehem by Joseph. She rode on a donkey and gave birth to Jesus , in a stable. Her name was Mary.

That was it. No more mention of Mary. After all, she isn’t mentioned in the Bible much, so she can’t be important, right ?

(Using the phrase ” right ? ” is very common in Newfoundland)

And then I became Catholic , and discovered that all of us have a spiritual mother, named Mary. For Catholics , Mary, as the mother of Jesus , is highly revered. She is the chosen Spouse of the Holy Spirit, Queen of Heaven, Queen of the World, Star of the Sea, among her many titles. We love Her, and she loves everyone, even those who do not recognize her as their mother.

Protestants are told that Catholics worship Mary ( we do not worship her, but we really like her). They are told that Catholics pray to Mary. ( We do not, but we ask her to pray for us. ) And Protestants spread the word that Catholics worship statues, especially those of Mary, and thus, they are idolators !

We do not worship statues, but we enjoy having, or seeing statues of people we love, like Mary and Jesus.

And thus the misconceptions continue, Christian Unity still seems out of reach, for now. This makes Jesus cringe, and cry.

If anyone is going to unite Christians, it will be Mary. She sees her children squabbling, and eventually she will work to unite us. Everyone can ask Mary for help. She never turns anyone away. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.

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