Fr. Emilio Disappears

Fr. Emilio was handsome, and liked to wear cologne. He was a priest in a neighbouring parish in our Diocese, and filled in for Fr. Jose during his frequent absences.

One Sunday, he kept the parishioners spellbound, as he talked about the ghost who lived in his rectory. Rather than rushing out of the church as quickly as they could, as they usually did after Mass, this time, the congregants lingered a long time to discuss ghosts with Fr. Emilio. Newfoundlanders are highly superstitious !

Fr. Emilio was also a talented singer. The parishioners were delighted that he frequently came to our Parish rectory to party.

My husband and I attended a party at our rectory in January, 2012. Fr. Emilio was there, and he had brought his karaoke machine. The guests joined Fr. Emilio and Fr. Jose in drinking alcohol and singing karaoke. At last, priests who knew how to have fun ! !

Fr. Emilio was a real showman. He expertly swished his microphone cord from side to side as he crooned a Paul Anka tune from the 1960s. He emotionally sang :

” I’m just a lonely boy, lonely and blue, I’m all alone with nothing to do. I’ve got everything, that you could think of, but all I want, is someone to love…”.

At that point, my husband and I left the party. Two years later, his Excellency the Bishop announced in the media, on CBC, that Fr. Emilio had been suspended and was under investigation by the police. However, he failed to inform Emilio’s parishioners that their priest had been suspended !

Imagine the shock of his parish’s Secretary when she was contacted by a journalist to confirm the media’s report that their priest was suspended. The sheep suffer great anguish when their “shepherd ” is removed, and his Excellency fails to inform them !

The partying priests, Jose and Emilio, vanished from their respective parishes at the same time.

I wrote a registered letter to the Asian Bishop who sent us Fr. Emilio, asking what happened to him. I received no reply.

Our parishioners ( Newfoundlanders really are highly superstitious) still wonder if the ghost still lives in the rectory that Fr. Emilio vacated.


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