Pride, and Lack of Unity

While we are all still celebrating the week of Christian Unity, I am pondering my own experience with “unity”.

Once I had made the decision to convert to Catholicism, I invited my Baptist “brothers and sisters ” to attend my Confirmation service. No one came. That was disappointing.

What I really hadn’t expected though, was the shunning I received from my former ” brethren “. My former friends would cross the road when they saw me coming ! No one spoke to me. And , the prayer requests that came to me at least twice a day stopped completely. Apparently people thought that now that I was Catholic, God would no longer hear my prayers. Such rejection of new Catholics is very common.

I prayed a lot about this afterwards, and asked the Lord for some insight concerning the lack of Unity between Christians. Some thoughts concerning the cause of division that came to my mind were :

Conflict, Confrontation, Self-interest and Pride, especially PRIDE.

I am sure that if the Lord could speak to us directly, He would tell us, assertively, that He wishes that we had spent less money, time , and energy dividing ourselves into groups, and more time doing what He had told us to do.

Having been both Protestant and Catholic, I have a deep understanding of the gifts and talents that all the “churches”

have, and how we could all benefit from these gifts, if we were willing to share them with each other.

Divisions are based on pride. And God has told us clearly in the Bible, how He feels about Pride.

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