The Seashore

The ocean air, in an unpolluted environment, is healing.

For centuries, physicians advised their ailing patients to spend time at seaside resorts. Patients often felt better in these environments.

Thanks to developments in the field of biochemistry,

scientists have found that the air beside the sea contains an abundance of negative ions. These are microscopic molecules

that have gained a negative electrical charge. Negative ions

contribute to human feelings of stress reduction and well-being.

This is a case of something “negative” being ” positive !

We decided that we would adopt a Golden Retriever puppy. We named her “Paris”. Paris sensed that my husband was not well, and so she stayed especially close to him. She enjoyed the sea, and at low tide, she enjoyed retrieving sticks. She provided us with another form of medicine, in the form of laughter.

Her energy and enthusiasm helped distract us from my husband’s health condition, and we chose to live each day to the fullest.

Sleep came more easily when we listened to the soothing sound of the waves as they rolled into shore.

We watched fishing boats pass in front of our house on their way to their fishing grounds. We befriended fishermen. We felt close to the Lord.

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