Lord, Bless All Families

As we began to explore Bonavista, we discovered that it had seven churches. This distressed me. Why were seven Christian churches needed in such a small town ? I remembered the Lord’s words in John 17 : 21, when he prayed earnestly that all Christians be united.

The largest church is located on Church Street, the main street.

It is a magnificent wooden structure, built to seat 1,000

people. Directly across from it is The Anglican Church.

Other denominations have large modern churches.

I began to ask my neighbours if there was a Catholic Church in town. There is . St. Joseph’s Chapel, a tiny structure,

is built facing the mighty North Atlantic. It is the most easterly church in North America. Built in 1842, the small building has continued to celebrate Masses , despite the large number of Protestant Christians in town. It became our Church home.

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