This Land is your Land…

After driving across Newfoundland to the East Coast, we stayed in a quaint apartment overlooking St. John’s harbour for six weeks while looking for a home on the sea.

One day while studying our map, I looked at a town that sounded familiar….Bonavista… from the song we used to sing

“This Land is your land, this land is my land, from Bonavista,

to Vancouver Island…” Three hours north of St. John’s, we discovered an amazing historic town. John Cabot had landed here in 1497 ! We explored, and, suddenly my husband stopped the car and said : “There it is !” It was a heritage home, directly on the ocean. It even had a name, “The Henry Mouland House.

We bought the house, and our journey to find a house on the sea had ended. God is good, all the time. Thanks be to God.

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