Peace be with you.

Everyone is looking for peace. After his resurrection, Jesus said to his startled disciples, ” Peace be with you “. How do we receive the peace that the Lord offers us ? It begins with making a decision of the will to trust Him, for He has promised to always be with us. (Matthew 28:20)

After we sold our home and possessions in Ontario and started driving east, we were homeless, but felt at peace. We were setting out on a journey that would put our trust to the test.

Armed only with a paper map, we spent several weeks exploring the Maritimes before boarding the ferry in Sydney, Nova Scotia . While travelling at night to an unknown island we had a sense of excitement, but our peace was undisturbed.

In the morning we landed at Port aux Basques.We were on the mighty Rock, Newfoundland ! The fresh salt air was amazing and the rugged mountains of the island’s west were spectacular. We had arrived on the friendly, beautiful island, but we still had no idea where we would find our home by the sea. We knew no one, but we sensed the Lord’s presence with us. We felt peace.

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